Tips & Tricks

Working with Liveedge slabs

Sander or sanding block. Either belt sander or random orbit sander, skill saw, chisel, drill, sand paper, disc or belt or sheets

This depends on your preference and where the piece will be used, Indoors, outdoors covered, outdoors uncovered 

Spend 80% of you time on prep and you will create a beautiful piece. Rushing is sure to cause problems 

Slabs should be laid flat with picker sticks and in between for multiple slabs to allow for air flow. Fans and dehumidifier can also be used. Garage and covered outdoor areas will give best results

We recommend 14% or less for immediate building. Keep in mind that any piece will gain some moisture when placed in your home depending on humidity in the home

We recommend not staining as this hide lots of the character of the wood

Finish can be either sprayed or brushed

Start with 60, then 80 and then 120. This progression will will insure smoothness

No, leave the under side of tables, benches etc. unfinished to allow the wood to breath

Polyurethane or Oil finish, they both are good. If the piece will be outside we recommend Polyurethane, inside either one depending upon your preference.

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